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Our Instagram feed remains the primary platform for sharing the work & stories of our community. Content is curated, but we always welcome new artists and makers to submit (free of charge!). Please note: due to the high volume of Instagram Submissions received, we are only able to reply to those selected for a feature.

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Quick and easy — drop us a line and tell us a little bit about your mission / story. We'll have a look at your work, and if ready to move forward with a feature, we'll select one of your photos to pair with a quote from your submission:

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*A team favourite, designed for new and returning makers*

We want to shed more light on the stories hiding behind your pieces. In this type of feature, we dig a little deeper than your mission statement and hope to explore the inspiration behind select works. So send us an email and attach your favourite work; tell us about the piece and how it came to life. Please include your Name, Email Address, Instagram Handle, and Website if applicable.

*You're welcome to submit (different pieces) as many times as you wish.

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Remember to tag your creations with #makersmovement for a chance to be featured. We browse the tag daily and actively pull work to showcase on the @makersmovement feed 👀



Nominate an artist / maker you admire to be featured on the @makersmovement Instagram feed, if selected for a feature, they then nominate someone they admire, and the chain of kindness continues...


Maker's Movement was born from an undeniable passion to promote the creatives around us. We know there's so many of you that have creative crushes and peers that inspire you, so we're introducing a new Makers Pay It Forward initiative to invite you to contribute to the content we feature, and to selflessly shine the spotlight on someone else.

Stumbled upon an inspiring artist? Been a long time supporter of someone's work? Nominate them to be featured on the @makersmovement Instagram feed!

Nominating someone is easy — just click the 'NOMINATE SOMEONE' button below and complete as much of the form as possible. Please do keep in mind, like all content we feature, this is still a curated process. If they're selected for a feature, we'll get in touch to let them know they've been nominated by you, obtain permission to share their work on our feed, and to invite them to pay it forward and nominate someone that they admire.

Feel free to nominate as many people as you wish!



The Maker's Movement blog is an excellent platform for building deeper dialogue in the creative community. This space offers tips and resources for small businesses, stories and insight, and maker interviews. Please note: due to the high volume of emails received, we are only able to reply to those selected for a blog feature.

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We love discovering new artists and makers to interview on the blog. Have a topic you'd be interested in chatting about?

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We're always looking to feature new content on the blog and love to offer the space up to artists / makers / writers for guest posts. We seek content that is insightful and compelling, and contributes to a deeper dialogue within the creative community. Posts should be complete with words and visuals.

Interested in writing a blog post? Send us an email pitch outlining what you intend to explore with your post, and attach sample visuals if possible. Please include your Name, Email Address, Instagram Handle, and Website if applicable.




Banner credit: Alvaro Masegosa.