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Maker's Magazine is a bi-annual print publication that celebrates creativity, craft & storytelling. Each issue unpacks a different theme, inspiring our contributors to wander the depth of their creative practice. Maker's Movement has become a platform not only for showcasing an amazing collection of visual work, but for building meaningful dialogue around the human experience.

We value raw and honest storytelling. Maker's Magazine is a place to come for your fill on everyday stories from everyday people ♡



In this issue we explore womanhood through different mediums and perspectives; we speak out in the face of inequality; we share hardships and secrets; we honour ourselves and the women around us; we swap stories of amazing women doing amazing things; we embrace sisterhood; we celebrate women and all that we are.

Artists, makers and writers, we invite you to use your medium to explore this diverse and beautiful theme with us.





The best way to get a feel for our content and style is to read our back issues. Maker's Magazine explores the intersection between visual art and storytelling, so we value the story behind your piece, just as must as the piece itself. We lean heavily towards submissions that are complete with both a written and visual element. We don't expect all visual artists to be spectacular writers, but the magic in Maker's Magazine is that it represents a range of voices.

We prioritize original ideas that have not been previously published in other publications, blogs, websites or on social media. Sneak peeks of the piece on social media are encouraged, but we prefer the full reveal is kept until the issue has released.

*To clarify, as this is a FAQ, we still accept past work that has been posted to your Instagram or social media feeds, but this does factor into our decision-making process. When we see a contributor has intentionally set aside time to contemplate and create specifically for the theme at hand, it speaks volumes. Submitting new work helps keep the magazine content fresh and exciting, though being a voluntary contribution we understand this is not always possible.

We do our best to offer plenty of support and exposure throughout the lifespan of the issue. Contributors are featured on our Instagram feed, provided guest blogging opportunities, and will remain listed on our website under Current Contributors until the following issue is published.





▹ Short & Sweet: a thought, a memory, a poem, etc. (300 words max.)

▹ Somewhere In Between: articles, interviews, stories, etc. (400-600 words)

▹ Over Tea: longer features, narratives or essays you’d sit down to tell over a cup (700+ words)

*Please ensure your word count falls into one of the categories above.

*Written submissions do not need to be accompanied by visuals.



▹ You're welcome to submit as many visuals as you'd like, but please understand that they may be accepted individually.

*All images must be 300dpi and min. 2700 pixels on short edge x 3500 pixels on long edge. Acceptable file formats: PSD and JPG.

*Visuals can be photography, artwork, photos of handmade pieces, etc.

*When submitting paintings and drawings, please submit a high quality scan or photograph of the piece as is (rather than a styled / framed shot of the piece).

*All visual submissions should be accompanied by a written description. Write within the proposed written lengths above, or include a brief description at the least. We may only publish the visual element, but it is important that we understand the inspiration and story behind your piece.


All submissions must include the following information to be considered:

▹ Name of piece (applies to Words and Visuals)

▹ Your first and last name

▹ Photo of you for the contributors index (JPG, 300dpi, min. 1000 x 1000 pixels)

▹ Business name (if applicable)

▹ Location (city, country)

▹ Email address (business if available)

▹ Online links (website, blog, shop, Instagram, social media)



Email final work to submissions@makersmovement.ca (ONLY FINAL SUBMISSIONS).

Larger files can be sent via Google Drive, Dropbox, or other file sharing hosts.


By submitting work to Maker's Movement & Maker’s Magazine, contributors agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.



Women illustration credit: Sara Meadows. View more of her work at boccaccinimeadows.com.



We only offer ad space to small businesses that align with our values and the interests of our community. Submissions are open to all, but ad space is curated and contemplated with purpose. Interested in applying for a space in our next issue? Email us for details: hello@makersmovement.ca.


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