We celebrate creativity and craft.


Our mission is to offer a platform for artists and makers to share their work and stories, and to continue fostering healthy and honest dialogue through diverse mediums. Our online community continues to flourish as a source of inspiration, and as a hub for creatives to connect over shared values and experiences. We independently publish a bi-annual print publication, Maker’s Magazine, with each issue unpacking a different theme through creative expression.

We hope to offer a space where unsung stories that feel “too small” have room to breathe. We value storytelling, creativity, honesty, kindness and respect.

Through our journey with Maker’s Movement, we continue to contemplate:

How can we use our creative voices and mediums to unpack the complex human experience?

about the founder & founding


Samantha Shaw, Founder & Editor


I'm Sam, the lady behind Maker’s Movement! I’m a twenty-something year-old who’s passionate about handmade, design and storytelling. Simply said, but discovering what I wanted to spend my time pursuing has been a journey. I’ve always been one for projects — several on-the-go, a couple in the to-do list phase, and countless sitting on the back burners. It wasn’t until I started Maker’s Movement that I really poured all of me into a single project.

After experimenting with many mediums over the years, December 2014 finally led me to the founding of Maker’s Movement. At the time, I was selling jewellery and other bits on Etsy and at local markets, and found simple joy in sharing my creative experiments, small bizz insights, and daily wanderings on Instagram. I started to connect with tons of like-minded creatives in a capacity I had never imagined. Moved by the talent I was discovering daily, I wanted to find a way to showcase these amazing artists and makers — and with that, Maker’s Movement was born!

What started simply as an Instagram feed to promote and celebrate the work of my fellow creatives, has since flourished into a vibrant online platform and bi-annual print publication, Maker’s Magazine. The growth has been extremely organic and rewarding. In hindsight, when I began this project I hadn’t a clue what an undertaking it would be! Maker’s Movement has become an outlet to practice my own creativity and passions, challenging me as a self-taught business owner, editor, creative director and designer. I continue to learn and grow alongside Maker's Movement, and will keep seeking out new ways to better this platform and community.

Thank you to all that continue to ride along, and a warm welcome to the new!


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