"Women’s Empowerment is having a moment right now. But let’s be real, it should ALWAYS be having a moment. Empowered females take the script life gives them, and recognize that they have a choice as to how to live out their own. They know they can choose pursuits that will make them happy, independent of other peoples’ opinions. Empowered women also see other women and recognize their potential and WANT to support and celebrate them."

Studio Quirks & Favourite Trees: An Interview with Rural Kind

Rural Kind are designers and makers of simple, functional and gently rugged waxed canvas and leather carry goods, made for everyday adventuring and built to last. At the core of our designs is a love of simple clean lines, considered detailing, and functionality. Everything is made entirely by our hands, from the first stitch to the last hand hammered copper rivet from carefully and ethically sourced predominantly British materials, in our workshop in rural Wales.

Pulling Inspiration From HP, Relationships and Kinetics: An Interview with MUSH

Mush was started in January 2013 - just a few months after Founders Yvonne and Julian's relationship started. It is a rather personal project triggered by their affections for each other, and is a reflection of their ever-changing interests and everyday experiences.

Join us today as we talk with Julian, 1/2 of the dynamic female duo known as MUSH. We chat Harry Potter’s influence on design, how people help us through, and Kinetic Jewelry.

Industrial Designer Turned Ceramicist: An Interview with Andrea Roman

Today Andrea Roman of AR Ceramics (@ar.ceramics), a trained industrial designer who’s gone the ceramics route, joins us for an interview. Her hands are more interested in the design textures and life that they observe in nature than they are in efficient machines found in industrial classrooms. Join our discussion on adventuring life, from one continent to another, and perspectives on nature and design.

It’s More Than Just a Picture, It’s a Story

Esther Samuel-Davis shares the narrative behind 8 of her favourite illustrations. Born and raised in Catskill, New York in the late 80’s, Esther Samuel-Davis spent plenty of time in the woods and by the water, nestled between the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River. Surrounded by a family who encouraged music and art, she’s been actively drawing and making things since she was a child. Esther attended the California College of Arts in 2009, where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a focus in Printmaking. You can find Esther now doing freelance illustration, portraiture and printmaking, often pulling inspiration from history, science and philosophy.

Drawing Mystery From Nature, Conversations and History

There is definitely a lot of mystery in the world, as well as so much to constantly take in and learn. I like to capture sparks from my environment, conversations, history, etc. and use that as a reference for starting point for creating my own mysterious realities. Exploring the way that things balance and find harmony - then exploring the possible process behind arriving there. I think that if you are present and have an open mind you can find more mystery than you think.

There is Healing in Herbs: Exploring Self-Love with Sunday's Company

We're so excited to introduce you to Sunday’s Company, a plant-based apothecary based on the belief that self-care should be stress free and gratifying. My days start and end with their products, and I can’t wait to share with you the love and care that these two ladies, Victoria Beretta and Melissa Condotta, have for self love, natural healing and skin care. 

Self-Love Means Creating Space: Time, Physical, Mental

When I reflect on my journey toward self appreciation and my practice of self love I continue to come back to the notion of creating space. I was first introduced to this concept when I began practicing yoga. Teachers would lead us through a series of lunging poses to create space in our hips or backbends to create space in our hearts. The visualization of stretching to open new areas in my physical body took root and I began to see how this applied to my mental and emotional bodies as well.

Self-Love and The Intent To Rest

The intention, as I'm coming to learn, is one of the most crucial aspects of self care and self love.  Without the intention of regrouping and healing, we often mislabel our rest-days as being unproductive and with that comes a whole lot of guilt and self-loathing.  If we accept and understand that our mind and body need just as much attention and care as our designs, then we will love ourselves and be just as stoked resting and lounging, as we are when we create and collaborate. 

Self Check-Ins and Maintaining a Relationship with Yourself

I find a lot of value in checking-in with your self but I don’t think a lot of people do that… I sort of scan how I feel and figure out if there’s something I need to acknowledge - an emotion, a feeling, a desire, an attachment. Then I allow myself to feel it and release it in whatever way. Maybe it’s through writing, a naked dance party, venting to my friends, or even questioning it some more, like,“Why do I feel this way? And how does this serve me?”

Does Self-Love Mean I’m All About Me?

It would be missing something to assume that we all have the exact same ideas, and ways of using the phrase “self-love” without first asking, What does it mean to “Love ourselves?” So, in the spirit of curiosity, I wanted to spend this week cleaning up the bad reputation of self-love by separating it from the other thing that it tends to be confused for: self-orbiting.

Creating Space for Intention & Imagination, with Monika Kralicek

I started painting these raised horizons because they allowed for a balance between what’s felt and imagined and what’s seen. I wanted to explore colour and texture but also provide an anchor in each piece. I love that these abstract landscapes have strokes that resemble trees or something familiar, but the rest of the composition breaks down. To me, the most important art is emotional and allows room for imagination.

Finding Joy in Creativity & Community with Ilana Foglia

A big welcome to Ilana Foglia of The Small and Savage Wild! Ilana’s heartfelt piece in Issue 3 serves as a beautifully written tribute to her mother as well the strong, supportive group of women she left behind. Today we explore the importance of leaning on your community and connecting with others as a means of combating the blues we so often come across in our day-to-day lives.

In The Quiet Calm Of The Blues

The blues hold space for introspection, a dive into Self. This state allows for calm reflection and the embrace of feeling. I accepted at an early age that, as a Pisces, I dwell in the water, the blue. What I did not understand, was that the water did not have to drown me. As an artist, I now consider my sensitivity to be a great asset.