Scars as Art: An interview with tattoo artist Andi Fitzpatrick

Andi Fitzpatrick is a tattoo artist at Envision Tattoo in Grand Terrace, Southern California. She specializes in what’s called a neo-traditional style. The traditional tattoo style includes bold lines and a balanced ratio of black, red, green, and gold as its primary colour palette. Andi uses varied thicknesses of line, and a broader colour palette adding a new dimension of depth, and modern artistry while utilizing the historical tradition of tattooing techniques as a background.

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Beauty Can Be Found While Lying on the Floor

Sarah Perez is a Sacramento-based metal artist who creates sculptural mobiles and wall hangings from brass sheet and tubing. She runs her business, Electric Sun Creatives, from her home studio in Sacramento’s Warehouse Artist Lofts. Sarah’s work is inspired by the shapes and beauty surrounding her, and Alexander Calder, the father of kinetic sculpture.

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Change From Within: Using Textile Art to Challenge the Textile Industry

Working anywhere from 15cm to 450cm in length, Vanessa creates intricate ecosystems of colour and texture that immediately draw you in. The layered fringes and clusters of bubbly coral feel lively and fun, and you can effortlessly imagine them swaying deep beneath the ocean’s surface. Though playful, Vanessa’s work urges us to reflect on the well-being of our planet, and how our actions impact vulnerable ecosystems.

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Thoughts on Sponsored Content

I’ll be honest with you:

I only post content I care about.
I care about what you think.

I admire people who can say IDGAF and actually mean it, but if I’m being real, I care about what you think. My mission is to tell stories through art and design in hopes that you feel something—inspired, hopeful, nostalgic, empathetic, less alone… I want you to find value in the content that I share.

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