A Letter to The Blues

sometimes i swim against your current

moving quickly, expelling energy

but getting nowhere, simply treading

forgetting the only way forward is drifting back,

letting go


though i know your routine,

i always entertain your visit,

exploring dark corners with a dim light


when you’re near,

i feel distant

from my reality, or how i’ve painted it anyways

i am curious

about the realities that could be


you never stay long, passing through for a day or two

just long enough to stir deep contemplation —

of myself, the strange people and places around me,

and my tiny existence on this planet


you leave as quietly as you came.

sometimes your presence lingers, like cologne on the pillowcase

but once your scent dissipates,

it’s like you were never here


the tide rises and falls —

this is the way it has always been


though you always seem to bring the dark,

you are light

for without the low tide there is no high


so safe travels dear friend,

see you again soon.