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Handmade Gift Guide: One of a Kind, 2019 Spring

We share in One of a Kind’s belief that craft can enrich our lives, and that human creativity and self-expression are worth celebrating. Craft has played a large part in our history, and the recent surge in supporting handmade brands suggest it will remain an important part of our future too. When you shop small and handmade it helps local communities self-sustain and flourish with diverse product and perspectives. When you shop small and handmade it welcomes intentional and unique objects into your life, all the while you directly support someone’s livelihood and dream.

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Translating White Noise with Kelsie Grazier

Nestled in the top-floor studio of a floating home on the Fraser River, Ladner-based artist Kelsie Grazier paints abstract work rooted in gesture and intuitive mark-making. She arrives at the canvas without a plan, allowing her thoughts and hands to guide the way. Kelsie has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a teaching degree in Secondary Art Education, and a Master of Deaf Education. As Kelsie sits and shares bits of her journey, it brings a deeper understanding of her work and how movement flows through every mark—little delights contrasted with significant life shifts—from the sun setting over the river, to navigating life after suddenly becoming deaf.

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