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Nina Klein: Art is a Relationship with Oneself

Nina Klein is an oil painter who explores figures and portraits. She’s inspired by Egon Schiele’s emotional drawings of women, and Picasso’s bravery to boldly create art that was very different from all that came before him. Through simple line work, solid silhouettes, and pastel gradients, Nina explores themes of the self, movement, balance, and femininity.

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Vanessa Barragão: Using Textile Art to Challenge the Textile Industry

Working anywhere from 15cm to 450cm in length, Vanessa creates intricate ecosystems of colour and texture that immediately draw you in. The layered fringes and clusters of bubbly coral feel lively and fun, and you can effortlessly imagine them swaying deep beneath the ocean’s surface. Though playful, Vanessa’s work urges us to reflect on the well-being of our planet, and how our actions impact vulnerable ecosystems.

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