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The Queen is a Corgi: An Interview with One of a Kind Vendor Tony Taylor

We share in One of a Kind’s belief that craft can enrich our lives, and that human creativity and self-expression are worth celebrating. We’re proud to continue supporting them as they champion creativity and further the culture of craft here in Canada.

In anticipation of the One of a Kind winter event kicking off this week, we’re showcasing some of the incredible vendors you’ll find at the show. Browse last week’s Gift Guide, and join us today for our interview with Toronto-based oil painter, Tony Taylor.

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Scars as Art: An Interview with Tattoo Artist Andi Fitzpatrick

Andi Fitzpatrick is a tattoo artist at Envision Tattoo in Grand Terrace, Southern California. She specializes in what’s called a neo-traditional style. The traditional tattoo style includes bold lines and a balanced ratio of black, red, green, and gold as its primary colour palette. Andi uses varied thicknesses of line, and a broader colour palette adding a new dimension of depth, and modern artistry while utilizing the historical tradition of tattooing techniques as a background.

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