Excerpts From A Love Letter


By: Lisa McLinden  |  lisamclindenart.com

...and although it’s only been a few hours since we parted, my longing for you is ever present. As the rain nourishes a barren dessert, you too, seep into the cracks of my soul, washing away doubt, fear, and sorrow.  Our love affair has been long and rich, darling Blue. As a child, I recall witnessing your full breadth, from the demanding indigo waves that crashed violently along the shores of the Atlantic, to the whisper soft baby blue sky that blanketed the prairies. Then and now, like an old friend, you’re familiar, predictable, and dependable, a constant in my life. Even in the depths of grief, you offer me moments of peace and contentment. My love for you really should come as no surprise, as I see you as a unifying colour, a global symbol of hope, peace, and possibility. After all, the colour blue binds people universally, as we all sip from the same blue waters and sleep under the same blue sky. No matter my reasons for loving you, your evocative presence continues to lure me in. You ignite a desire deep within me, one that is only fulfilled when I see you dance across my virgin canvas.  Sure, I may flirt with other colors but my love for you remains steadfast. Like the pure joy I experience at the sight of late blooming Forget Me Knots, I cannot rid my heart of you, my darling Blue. Nor do I want to.

Until we meet again,