Those intimate spaces that feel like home.



We are now welcoming submissions for Issue 5: Home.


Is it a physical place, an emotional state, or a spiritual space for you?

Tapping into the most intimate spaces we know, this issue is sure to be packed with compelling work and stories. Grab your favourite tools and let’s explore those cosy and magical nooks we call home; the neighbourhoods we grew up, the headspaces we feel at peace, the four walls that have seen it all, the landscapes we return to time and time again.


Have a concept to share? We’d love to hear your story!


For general submission guidelines visit:


Local to the Okanagan Valley, BC?

Part of this issue will be dedicated to interviews and capturing artists in their favourite spaces. Home can be your studio, your favourite neighbourhood stroll, a quiet nature nook, etc. Interested in showing us your idea of home? Drop us an email and request an interview! Let us know where we're meeting, gather up your favourite art tools, we’ll bring along our notes and camera, and we’ll do our best to capture you creating in your special place.


[All interviews and shoots are subject to review. We will let you know if your story is being published by October 25th.]