A Letter to the Readers of Maker's Magazine

WORDS: Samantha Shaw

Sam is the Founder of Maker's Movement, a place where she shares her passion for storytelling through the lens of art and design. She's interested in the way we experience, observe and internalize the world around us, and how we can take those thoughts and express them through art.

Samantha Shaw, Editor of Maker's Magazine

In the process of writing this, I dreamt my teeth were falling out.

Fear of losing something important.

Fear of change.

When we lose our teeth as a kid, it’s the first time we experience losing part of ourselves, and that’s kind of how I feel right now. Maker’s Magazine has become a deep-rooted part of my life and my creativity, and naturally, I fear letting it go. Each issue has pitched a thematic flag in my path, and the latest (Issue 6 / 07.2018) will mark my movement onward.

I’ll be taking a step back from self-publishing as I digest everything I’ve learned from running a magazine; one that was shipped to ~34 different countries, carried in ~32 shops and boutiques, and allowed me to work with 335+ artists around the world. Thank you to all the incredible readers and contributors who have supported Maker’s Magazine over the years.

I plan to keep growing this platform as a space to celebrate art, design & storytelling, and I hope you’ll continue to hang with me on this journey. I’m still just one little lady chasing a big dream – both terrified and excited about what’s up next ✨ To quote my good friend, Walter: “Change and maturity is part of the cycle.” When we learn to let go, we leave space for growth.

–Sam ♡

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