OOAK Maker Spotlight: Eleven Thirty Shop


Canada's largest handmade show is just around the corner and we're getting super excited to meet the makers and browse all the unique goods! This year, Toronto's One of a Kind Christmas Show (OOAK) features the work of 800+ Canadian vendors - many travelling from all corners of the country to be part of the fun!

In anticipation of the show opening next week, we've teamed up with OOAK to present the OOAK Maker Spotlight series - a glimpse at the story, process and preparation of 7 select participating vendors. Take a peek inside the creative life of Alexa Schoorl & Mariel Gonzalez, owners of Eleven Thirty Shop.

Gorgeous products ladies! Serious question though, how many bags do you own?!

Thank you! As a maker of bags, I guess you’re bound to have a few. Many of the bags we have are prototypes that need a design detail or material tested; some never make it to the shop floor. As far as finished bags go, we have a few that we use regularly.

Our favourites: The original unlined Sari tote and Jules backpack: both are making a comeback next season and will be at the One Of A Kind Show.

What’s Eleven Thirty Shop all about? What’s the inspiration behind the name?

The location has a long history with the community. Before us, there was a fortune-teller who was around for many years. Some elements of our logo (candlestick), the name of the shop, come directly from her. The name has a nice ring to it and it’s practical and works well graphically. Also, it’s a shout out to our local community; it’s where we are.

Can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

One of us tries something and then the other says “yes” or “no” or will continue the work. We pass the idea back and forth until we come to something we agree on. But often times, there are happy accidents and the design comes through unintentionally.

We'd love to learn a bit more about how you prepare for a show of this scale. When did you start planning and preparing for OOAK?

Because the show is also beginning of market season, we gear up in the summertime when we are designing our new collection. 

With the wholesale side of our business, we are basically in production all year long. We fold OOAK into our production calendar.

Walk us through a bit of the prep work you’ve been doing for the show.

We consider LY sales and create an overview of best sellers. That way we can anticipate what we need to produce more or less of.

Booth design: we try to reflect the shop atmosphere.  

Why is shopping small important to you?

We like to support local community.

Buy well. Shop less. With shopping small, you can trust in the quality that you are buying.      

For more of Alexa and Mariel's work, swing by their shop or meet them at the show!
Eleven Thirty Shop: 1130 College Street Toronto, Ontario
T: 416-588-1130  |  info@eleventhirtyshop.com  |  eleventhirtyshop.com


We've got two sets of 2 tickets to give away! Join us Wednesday November 23rd on the @makersmovement Instagram feed for contest details.