There is Healing in Herbs: Exploring Self-Love with Sunday's Company


Interview led by: Olivia Revoredo  |  @livrevy

We're so excited to introduce you to Sunday’s Company, a plant-based apothecary based on the belief that self care should be stress free and gratifying. My days start and end with their products, and I can’t wait to share with you the love and care that these two ladies, Victoria Beretta and Melissa Condotta, have for self love, natural healing and skin care. 

Melissa Condotta (left) and Victoria Beretta (right).

Melissa Condotta (left) and Victoria Beretta (right).

Tell us a little about yourselves (individually) and how Sunday’s Company was born! 

M: I always thought of myself as a city girl, through and through, but about 6 years ago my husband, Sonny,  and I made the decision that city life was just not for us anymore.  We couldn’t grow our business of rehabilitating dogs. We wanted land; we yearned for simplicity. It took us two years to make it happen, but when we finally made the leap I promised myself I would embrace this journey wholeheartedly. The transition to country life was surprisingly easy, as I quickly realized this is where I was meant to be.  I’m a big believer in the concept of “doing what you love”, so being my own boss has always been my goal. I studied interior design, but eventually lost my passion for designing other people’s spaces and went into a sort of limbo, not knowing exactly what it was that I was “meant” to do. After my life shifted to a slower pace and I began studying herbs, things just began falling into place.

V: Toronto has been my home for eight years. Often I find my heart full to bursting with love for this inexhaustible and diverse place. I studied design here, worked in advertising for a hot minute and now I’m a freelancer, primarily doing work for small businesses. Since starting Sunday’s Company, I’ve been dividing my time, travelling often to Melissa’s home in the country. I’ve been an “outdoorsy” (my mom’s word) person all my life, so it has been a dream to spend more time in and with nature. Living in the city, it’s easy to lose connection to the natural world. Studying herbs is all about reconnecting and fine-tuning your intuition when it comes to plants . I especially love the opportunity to be creative in a different way than what I’m used to--sans computer. So right now I’m living between the bustling city and the tranquil countryside, and.. it’s pretty great. 

SC: In 2015 the two of us were working together in Toronto, exclusively on Sunday afternoons. It was this day every week that our friendship grew organically. We have a ton in common and no-fuss, simple living was a huge part of both our values. It casually came up in conversations that we should partner up and start our own business. One day, the idea for Sunday’s Company kinda went something like this:

M: “Well I’m working on a plan to launch my own herbal apothecary. You wanna join me?”
V: “Sure. Let’s do it.”

We didn’t come up with a name until about 6 months prior to launching. It was daunting, but then one day it just came to us. Sundays have always been thought of as a day for relaxing and spending time doing things you enjoy, with people you care about. It’s also the day we always worked together and where our journey started. The rest led us to where we are today.

One of your core philosophies is that “there is healing in herbs”. When did you first start exploring the healing of natural ingredients? 

M: I’ve always been wary of the cosmetic industry, and the greenwashing that is so prevalent. I’ve always tried to purchase natural and organic as much as I could. When I moved to the country, that’s when everything went a little deeper for me. I began attending herb walks and workshops. I foraged and wildcrafted and studied herbs. I started experimenting with growing my own and using them. I’m surrounded by nature here — forests, wildlife, farmers and fields of wildflowers and weeds, so it’s been easy for me to throw myself into the world of plants. Although herbalism is such a vast and complex subject, at the same time it’s so simple to incorporate their healing properties into everyday life. 

V: I became interested in learning about herbal products a few years ago after reading an article by David Suzuki (thanks, David!) highlighting the lack of regulations in North America for cosmetics and personal care products. I was appalled to learn that I was using products with ingredients like pesticides, carcinogens, reproductive toxins and hormone disruptors. When Melissa proposed the idea for Sunday’s Company, I was excited at the opportunity to provide people with products to improve their health and potentially replace harmful products they’ve been using. Learning about the healing and restorative properties of plants is so empowering, a gift we really want to share.

When I read that Sunday’s Company “believes that self care should be low maintenance and gratifying”, I immediately identified with it. I too believe in this, and have struggled with creating a routine that needed little maintenance, yet still effective, that can be incorporated in my everyday. Can you speak on how you both decided that self care was going to be a large aspect of Sunday’s Company? 

SC: Self care and self love are the root of Sunday’s Company—caring for both your body and your mind. Since it’s such a broad area, we’ll be able to branch out into different areas of self care, starting with what you put on your body. We have plans for different products, so we’re just trusting the journey, enjoying the present and looking forward to providing more products to enhance overall wellness for people buying from us. 

How do you want people to feel when they use your products?

SC: The main thing we want is for people to feel like their self care routine is simple and effective. We want you to realize that all you ever needed was a little plant magic in your life — like you can finally stop feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of options out there. It really doesn’t need to be as complicated as it is. Whether you’re using a face scrub, a face oil or one of our healing salves, you’ll know that what you’re putting on your skin is as natural as it gets. 

My nighttime and morning skincare routine is very large part of my self love process, which is why I love Sunday’s Company so much. I just recently started to pay more attention to my skin, which I neglected for quite a while. There’s something so gratifying and calming when I spend time on my skin. What does self-love look like for both of you?

M: For me, self love means checking in with myself often. Knowing my body, my cycles, and being aware of what’s going on inside and around me. It’s basically taken a lifetime to get to a point where I’m living my truth, and it’s one thing I will never compromise. This seems to have set the tone for honouring myself and creating happiness. I set aside tons of “me time” and engage in things that bring me joy and keep me present—women’s gatherings, sound baths, forest walks, herbalism, workshops, energy healing, and regular massages. I surround myself with people that enrich my life, and remove myself from situations that simply don’t serve me. 

V: I have workaholic tendencies, so I have to check myself to ensure I’m maintaining balance and prioritizing my health. Making time for activities and behaviours that encourage wellness has become really important for me—simple things like doing yoga, staying hydrated, spending time with friends and family, getting enough sleep, taking time in the evening for my skincare routine. It’s easy when life gets busy to let these things fall by the wayside. So I make a concerted effort to take care of my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health to create holistic wellness. 

For people just starting on their journey of self-love, especially in skin care, what tips would you give them?

SC: We can’t stress enough to just keep things simple in every aspect of your life. When it comes to skincare, think about what you actually need and not what the ads are trying to tell you you need. Let your skin breathe and keep in mind that often less is more. The fewer products and ingredients you use, the less overwhelmed and reactive your body will be to it. 

My favourite product from Sunday’s Company is the face oil. It keeps my face hydrated for the whole day, which is super appreciated especially during the winter months. It also smells amazing! Thanks ladies. Is there a product that you use religiously that you couldn’t do without? Or maybe, your proudest product you’ve created?

M: I really need to keep my skin hydrated, so our face oil for dry skin is with me at all times. 

When I combine the oil with a regular face steam (eucalyptus is my weakness) and our oat and chamomile face scrub, I feel like I’ve just treated myself to the most delicious mini spa.

V: Winter completely robs my skin of moisture! To combat the dry skin I use the dry skin face oil in the morning and at night. Exfoliating a few times a week makes the oil more effective, so I use our face scrub to slough off dead skin. Because it’s oil-based, it keeps skin moisturized while cleansing. 


To end, tell us each your favourite ingredient to use in your products and why! 

M: Oh, that’s a tough one. I have such a strong love for herbs ‘cause they really are the powerhouses of our products, and they each work to heal in their own way. I especially love plants that so many people associate with being invasive weeds, like comfrey, plantain and dandelion. They are so incredibly good for us, and so healing, and so versatile. While people are out trying to tame the spreading of these plants, I’m all like, “come to me, grow, give me your medicine.”

V: Mel and I are on the same page: botanicals rule. There are so many powerful herbs with multiple benefits and endless applications. Chamomile, for instance, is known for its calming and relaxing properties. It can control insomnia, aid in digestion, soothe rashes, ease cramping, and reduce allergy symptoms-- all from a flower that you could find growing wild by the roadside! My hope is to awaken the love of herbs in others. From the beginning it was our goal to create products we can promote with honesty and I’m excited to say we’re doing it. 

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