Tread Lightly with Mother Nature


By: Mali Fischer-Levine  |

Mali Fischer-Levine takes us back to her roots and shines some light on her biggest source of inspiration: Mother Nature.

Growing Up   by Mali Fischer

Growing Up by Mali Fischer

I grew up on a small, secluded island in the Pacific Northwest, so nature has always provided me with a vast source of curiosity and inspiration. As a kid I was taught what plants we could eat, and which ones to avoid; a fact that comes with the understanding that Mother Nature is a powerful source that can offer sustenance and beauty, or discomfort and a trip to the doctor. With forests and beaches as my playground, my respect and excitement for the landscape was endless. 


In Forest   by Mali Fischer

In Forest by Mali Fischer

Moon Watch  by Mali Fischer

Moon Watch by Mali Fischer

Forget Me Not  by Mali Fischer

Forget Me Not by Mali Fischer

Naturally, a large part of my drawing work as an adult focuses on women and plants, supporting each other and identifying with one another. Although I never directly considered these women to be Mother Nature, I seek to express the same delicate strength that lies in both species - a quality that I certainly see as being true to Nature and its Mother. This was a notion that I wanted to impress in more literal terms with my patch design. Sadly these days, when I think of nature I can’t help but consider the perils that face it.


Tread Lightly   by Mali Fischer

Tread Lightly by Mali Fischer

My goal with Tread Lightly is to depict that Mother Nature has the strength to hold us up in her hands; yet awareness must be drawn to the perilous situation we are in. Hands are not without their weak points and can only hold up so much before they slip apart.