5 Tundra Picture Books to Gift the Kid in Your Life

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Tundra is an imprint of Penguin Random House Canada, and it is the country’s oldest children’s book publisher. Tundra works with a range of accomplished writers and illustrators, and they are widely recognized for their literary merit and engaging visual art.

Picture books by Tundra

Brush your teeth, jump into your jammies, and gather around for storytime! These endearing picture books will take you on a quest through the big open sky, the dark corners of your bedroom, and a little village built of felt. They will gently remind you what it’s like to feel wonder, companionship, gratitude, fear, and triumph. The powerful visuals and clever lessons tucked away on each page will make these Tunda picture books a classic addition to your bedtime favourites.

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Go Show the World

Written By Wab Kinew
Illustrated by Joe Morse

It’s our responsibility to know the history and significance of the land we live on. Go Show the World is a thoughtful celebration of Indigenous peoples and culture. Through spotlighting heroes of the past, this timely picture book encourages you to go show the world what you can do.

From the author: “I hope readers are inspired to go out and show the world their gifts after learning about some of the people that I look up to. I’ve been lucky to learn about some great Indigenous heroes in my life but I want to share their story with a wider audience, including non-Indigenous folks. Joe Morse did a beautiful job bringing these people to life but also in painting the picture of their homelands. In learning about the heroes and the landscapes that forged them I hope people also take some time to reflect on what their connection to the land is, as having a connection to the land is very central to many Indigenous cultures.” —Kinew

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Fox and Raccoon

Written By Lesley-Anne Green

Fox and Raccoon takes you on an adventure through Juniper Hollows, a little world of furry creatures. As we venture from Hedgehog’s farm to Badger’s berry patch, we’re reminded of the great lengths we’ll go for a friend.

From the author: “At its heart, Fox and Raccoon shows us what it means to be friends, whether it’s going out of your way to help out, or spending extra time making someone’s day a little brighter. I hope these felted critters inspire readers to find a way to surprise their own friends – and maybe to give crafting a try themselves.” —Green

Red Sky at Night published by Tundra Books

Red Sky at Night

By Elly MacKay

Red Sky at Night invokes the same sense of wonder as looking out at a vast sunset over the mountains. The vivid colours and layered landscapes create a longing for adventure and companionship. With help from some classic old weather sayings, this picture book teaches us about our interconnectedness with the planet and its people.

From the author: “It’s my hope that generations of readers will share Red Sky at Night together. Long ago, here and far away people looked for clues in nature to predict the weather. They learned from experience by watching the shapes of clouds or noticing the behaviour of animals. This wisdom was passed down through sayings like the ones in this book.  When I wove these sayings into a story about a grandfather and his grandchildren on a camping trip, I hoped kids might learn a saying or two to hold on to... that they might see the moon one night and think, “Ring around the moon, rain will come soon.” It is my hope that we all look up a little more often, see our shared sky and feel a connection to nature, each other and our past.” —MacKay

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The Darkest Dark

Written By Chris Hadfield
Illustrated by The Fan Brothers

The Darkest Dark addresses the monster in the room: fear. It’s a natural human instinct that we all experience, but this wise picture book reminds us that a shift in perspective and a little bravery goes a long way! The glowing moon set against the dark landscape reminds us that our dreams shine brighter than our fears.

From the author: “What holds you back from creating something new? Might it be fear, or uncertainty of the unknown? The Darkest Dark shows readers, especially young ones, that fear is normal, and that learning how to be brave can lead to the magic of dreams coming true.” —Hadfield

Goodnight, Anne published by Tundra Books

Goodnight, Anne

Written By Kallie George
Illustrated by Geneviève Godbout

Goodnight, Anne is an endearing story of a girl who must say “goodnight” to everyone and everything she loves before going to sleep. Inspired by the classic Anne of Green Gables, sweet Anne reminds us to give thanks to the things we hold dear in life.

From the author: “For younger readers, I dearly hope Goodnight, Anne excites and inspires them to read the original Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery. It is one of the best stories, with such a classic, feisty heroine. For older readers (those who have read the original), I hope this book captures the spirit of Anne and reminds them of some of their favourite moments from the story. I was so honoured to write this book and revisit Anne and be enraptured by her joyous scope of imagination.” —George

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