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S t o r y t e l l i n g through the lens of art and design

Maker’s Movement is intentionally carving out a space where artists and makers can use their medium to talk—about the highs, the lows, the things we tend to process inside. Storytelling doesn't have to be this grandiose thing; narrative breathes through the seemingly mundane, through the good days and bad. We stitch and stroke these everyday thoughts and feelings into our work, and those are really the stories we're passionate about sharing.


Instagram Spotlight 

We typically use our Instagram feed to share artist-focused or artwork-focused features:

• Artist-focused: Drop us a line and tell us your story. We'll have a look at your work, and if we'd like to move forward with a feature, we'll select one of your photos to pair with a quote from your submission.

• Artwork-focused: We want to shed more light on the stories hiding behind your pieces. Send us an email with one of your favourite pieces and the story behind it.


Blog Feature

Longer narratives, series of works, and interviews are perfect for the blog. There are two types of features we're facilitating on the blog:

• Guest posts: entirely self-led, complete with an insightful/compelling written narrative and high-res photos (picture of artist, studio shots, home inspired works). Please send us an email with visual samples and a brief pitch outlining what you intend to explore with your post.

• Interviews: request an interview. If selected, we'll follow up with further details about the process. Please send us an email and let us know why you are suitable for an interview.

All submissions must include your name, Instagram handle, and website if applicable.

Submissions or questions: *Please note, due to the volume of submissions we may receive, we are only able to reply to those selected for a feature.