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that's what we love to do


at maker's movement, our mission is to share the work of artists & makers


how do we differ from other platforms?

s t o r y t e l l i n g

we're intentionally carving out a space where artists and makers can use their medium to talk—about the highs, the lows, the things we tend to process inside. storytelling doesn't have to be this grandiose thing. narrative breathes through the seemingly mundane, through the good days and bad. we stitch and stroke these everyday thoughts and feelings into our work, and those are really the stories we're passionate about sharing.


submission details:

maker's magazine   •   instagram & blog

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maker's magazine


maker's magazine is a bi-annual print publication that celebrates creativity, craft, & storytelling. each issue unpacks a different theme, inspiring our contributors to wander the depth of their creative practice. our publication has become a platform not only for showcasing an amazing collection of visual work, but for building meaningful dialogue around the human experience.


publication schedule

we release two issues a year—january 5th and july 5th

themes are chosen based on observance of news, the community, and shifts in my own life


submission guidelines

woops! looks like you've caught us between issues!

submissions are currently closed as we just launched our home issue in january.

truthfully—it's not just a sales gimmick—the best thing you can do to prepare yourself for submitting to our publication is to read the back issues. we're always seeking fresh perspectives, but there is an overarching aesthetic and tone to be observed. ensure your time is well spent putting together a submission that aligns with the platform.

the theme and guidelines for issue 6 (to release july 2018) will be announced shortly. please join our mailing list and you'll be among the first to know when the news hits.

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do you pay your contributors?

sadly, not yet. unfortunately i wouldn't be able to continue running this platform. we don't profit from your work, it's just enough to sustain itself at the moment.

 all rights to submitted work remain with the contributor. you are free to reproduce / sell your design(s) after publication as you wish.


home sweet home


home: on the blog and instagram feed


for the month of january, we're flipping our blog and instagram feed to continue exploring the theme of our new issue: home. we'll visit the sacred spaces of artists and makers around the world, and we'll venture beyond the physical to explore how home exists on an emotional and spiritual level too. interested in exploring the theme home with us? we'd love to hear from you! 


@makersmovement instagram feed

visual only work is best suited for the instagram feed.  please send us an email with high resolution photos of the piece you're interested in sharing. please include a publish-ready caption that digs at our theme of the month. please note, due to the high volume of submissions received, we are only able to reply to those selected for a feature.

you can also tag your work with #makersmovement for a chance to be featured. we browse the tag weekly and actively pull work to showcase on the feed  👀



longer narratives, series of works, and interviews are perfect for the blog. there are three types of features we're facilitating on the blog:

• guest posts: entirely self-led, complete with an insightful/compelling written narrative and high-res photos (picture of artist, studio shots, home inspired works). please send us an email with visual samples and a brief pitch outlining what you intend to explore with your post.

• interviews: request an interview with a member of the team. if selected, we'll follow up with further details about the process. please send us an email and let us know why you are suitable for an interview covering the theme home.

• handmade goods for the home: submit to be featured in a bi-weekly round up of well-crafted products for the home (decor, furniture, ceramics, etc.) please send us an email with 2-3 photos of the proposed product, price point, and a brief description of the piece.

all submissions must include your name, instagram handle, and website if applicable.

submissions or questions: