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Maker's Magazine wouldn't be possible without the amazing artists, makers, and writers that fill our pages. Meet the talented contributors of our Movement Issue:


Aileen Lee


Andrea Kraybill


Anna Bondoc


Anny Chen


Arlene John-Chuan


Ashleigh Ninos


Beth Winterburn


Brooke De Armond


Cara Hanley


Claiborne Colombo


Claire Lalune 


Craft Council of BC


Devon Walz


Dewi Tobing


Emma Rousseaux


Esther Samuels-Davis


Hannah Powell


Irene Woodland


Jelena Ristic


Karen Hare


Karen Kardatzke


Karlee Lillywhite


Katharine Burns


Kelsie Grazier


Krista Mezzadri


Lauren Strybos


Michele Landel


Mya Kerner


Natalie Rosin


Renee Macdonald


Walter Cabal


Youheum Son



We express ourselves through the use of our bodies. We allow our mediums to guide our motions. We let our struggles shape us. We search for meaning. We turn to mother nature for wisdom, and she tells us: movement flows through everything.