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All month long we’re washing our platforms blue to celebrate the release of Issue 3: The Blues, and to extend the dialogue on this important theme beyond just our contributors. The Blues visit all of us – visually, but also on a deeper emotional level. The tone and intensity may vary, but we are all blue, at one point or another.

It’s best said by our Blues Contributors:

“I think people already know that creatives have some kind of insight into the vocabulary of sadness as a connecting thread among humans. This is why I think that the artist is an invaluable tool in helping the modern culture develop a vocabulary for the not-so-happy parts of our lives that still keeps the sacredness and dignity and beauty of being a vulnerable human being.” – Walter Cabal
“I remind myself that the appearance of blue is affected by the colours that surround it. Colours are never experienced in isolation, but we truly appreciate their intensity when a contrast exists. In that moment I see the beauty in sadness again, because I’m familiar with the hopeful joy that resides on the other side of it.“ – Monika Kralicek

This month we're exploring the highs and the lows – join us and #embracetheblues.

How do The Blues visit you?



The easiest way to contribute to the dialogue is to join in our 3 Day #embracetheblues Instagram Challenge! There's no set schedule, so you're welcome to join in at any time this month — we’ll be embracing the blues for the whole month of January. This challenge invites you to explore and reflect on what The Blues mean to you.




-  Day 1: Visualize  -

1. Create something (anything) blue, and share on Instagram using the tag #embracetheblues

2. Tag in two friends to join the challenge ( for details).

3. Tag @makersmovement #makersmovement for a chance to be featured on our feed.


-  Day 2: Contemplate  -

1. Reflect on a memory or story that includes the colour blue. (Memories by the lake, glacier hikes, vintage blue boots, grandma’s curtains, etc.)

2. Create a piece / share a photo that captures the memory, and share on Instagram using the tag #embracetheblues.

3. In the caption, describe the shade of blue; walk us through the memory.

4. Tag @makersmovement #makersmovement for a chance to be featured on our feed.


-  Day 3: Feel  -

1. Reflect on a time you felt blue – whether that’s nostalgia, melancholy, peace, serenity, etc.

2. Create a piece / share a photo that captures the feeling, and share on Instagram using the tag #embracetheblues.

3. In the caption, tell us about that time you felt blue.

4. Tag @makersmovement #makersmovement for a chance to be featured on our feed.



-  Two Lucky Winners  -

All participants through the month of January will be rounded up and entered into a draw to win a free copy of Issue 3: The Blues! (This is why it’s important to follow all steps and tag #embracetheblues and @makersmovement, so we’re able to track participation and get your name in the draw). Two winners will be drawn at random and announced January 31.



#embracetheblues open invite:

If you can't commit to the 3 Day Instagram Challenge, feel free to explore The Blues on your own. Tag all blue creations and contemplations with #embracetheblues & @makersmovement to join in the dialogue, and so we can follow along!

Browse the #embracetheblues feed.

Follow @makersmovement on Instagram.

Blues on the blog:

Beyond our Instagram feed, the content on our blog will also be washed blue for the month of January. We're welcoming blues-inspired guest posts all month long. We seek content that is insightful and compelling, and contributes to a deeper dialogue within the creative community. Posts should be complete with words and visuals.

Have a perspective or story on The Blues that you'd like to share? Send us an email pitch outlining what you intend to explore with your post, and attach sample visuals if possible. Please include your Name, Email Address, Instagram Handle, and Website if applicable.



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