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In this issue, we explore the concept of home.

Is it a physical place, an emotional state, or a spiritual space for you?

Maybe home is cooking breakfast in your underwear, the smell of mom’s pie in the oven, your favourite paintbrush, the lake that held your teenage tears, catching up with old friends, early morning fishing with pops, or a landscape that’s watched you grow.

Maybe home is about familiarity, nostalgia and the lingering of many memories tied to one place. Maybe it's just one memory - a deep and intimate moment tied in time and space.

Has your understanding of home shifted over time?
Have you ever lost your sense of home?
Been or felt homeless?

Tapping into the most intimate spaces we know, this issue is sure to be packed with compelling work and stories. Grab your favourite tools and let’s explore those cosy and magical nooks we call home; the neighbourhoods we grew up, the headspaces we feel at peace, the four walls that have seen it all, the landscapes we return to time and time again.

Where or what is home to you?






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