Peace Patch

Peace Patch


Designed by Riddhi Desai

• 3 inch embroidered patch
• Iron-on
• Blue merrowed border

This patch is re-created from one of Riddhi’s pieces in her series, “Namma Chennai”, as featured in Issue 2 of Maker’s Magazine. Carry a piece of our second issue around with you!

PEACE  |  “The morning time brings many sacred rituals in the South of India and where I live in Chennai. Mornings in every household always start with a kolam/rangoli, a floor design at the entrance of the house drawn by hand with white rice flour, which also helps provide food for birds and ants. This art was discovered by Indians thousands of years ago, and it is a science of vibrational patterns that bring calmness to the viewer. Some of the illustrations in this series were inspired by kolam, with the use of white lines to signify rice flour. In the illustration above, the tamil script over the lotus reads amaidhi, meaning peace. The lotus is a national symbol of purity, peace and prosperity.” -An excerpt from Riddhi’s feature in Issue 2.

More of Riddhi's work and journey:  |  IG @tinyfarmstudio

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