Tread Lightly Patch

Tread Lightly Patch


Designed by Mali Fischer

• 3 inch embroidered patch
• Iron-on
• Black merrowed border

This patch was re-created from Mali’s original illustration, “Tread Lightly”, as featured in Issue 1 of Maker’s Magazine. Interested in carrying a piece of our first issue around with you? This is the perfect memento! It's a limited edition batch, so snag yours before it's gone.

TREAD LIGHTLY  |  This illustration represents both the strength and fragility of Mother Nature. Her hands hold us up and provide all we need, yet we have to realize that there is a tipping point and our actions and impact add weight to her burden. I wanted to convey the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer, while encouraging folks to reciprocate the same tender care that she offers us when exploring her world. The result is a cozy and comforting scene with implications of fragility at the thought of those hands falling away. 

More of Mali’s work and journey:  |  IG @maliathena

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