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notes from the road

Enjoy this collection of personal thoughts, stories and inspiration from the road.




We spent the summer travelling the east coast of Canada, and now we’re heading west! Catch me in Vancouver for the foreseeable future.



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our converted 2005 GMC Safari

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on reclaiming space

I’ve dreamt of living on the road for a while. The distant idea danced in my mind as I buried myself in books at university, and later as I got swept up in the 9-5 current. Partly unsure of what I wanted to spend my life pursuing and partly filled with fear, I just sort of drifted. A sense of purpose and clarity hit when I started Maker’s Movement in December 2015. It’s been head down hustling ever since! For over two years I continued working a full-time job while pouring my evenings and weekends into Maker’s Movement. Tired eyes and the chaos of 80+ work weeks weighed heavy - and though it’s been a dream to pour all of me into something so fulfilling - I pushed myself to the point of burn out. That’s when I decided a lifestyle shift had to happen, I needed to reclaim some time and space for myself.

Inspired to chase a foggy dream of life on the move, my boyfriend Alvaro and I took the leap and bought a van. I’ll continue operating Maker’s Movement fully remote, business as usual, but the hustle will happen from our van or a distant coffee shop instead of a desk!

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on chasing light

This trip is about chasing the things that light me up. It marks a shift - a conscious decision that I need to be active in creating the life I want for myself. It’s about wandering a while, stumbling, and learning as I go.

This trip is about nature nature nature, hiking until my feet ache, and then letting that positive energy seep into my creative practice and my work with Maker’s Movement.

This adventure is for us, our happiness, our well-being, our creativity, and our dreams.

Not entirely sure what’s to come, but excited to bring you along for the journey!

Sam ♡

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We'd like to say a special thank you to our awesome partner ALEKO, who hooked us up with our 3 panel solar system that allows us to work on the road by keeping our electronics charged up! 🌞