Issue 4: Women (Bundle of 5)

Issue 4: Women (Bundle of 5)


In our fourth issue we explore our understanding of the word and world of Women.

With a contributor team of all women, this issue is an amazing exploration of how one word can hold so much power, perspective and beauty. Our understandings differ and they overlap; what Women means to one, means something entirely different to another. That's the beauty of being women; our diversity, our similarities, and the flexibility, fluidity and expanse of the word.

In this issue, women use brush and pencil to explore thoughts on womanhood, respirator masks and torches to prove femininity knows no boundaries, yarn and morse code to communicate stories of loss and joy, and needle and thread to offer inspiration and empowerment.

As you delve into our exploration of Women, we invite you to contemplate what it means to you.

  • 125 pages of artwork, stories and inspiration.
  • Comes with a free waterproof sticker of the cover so you can carry a piece of the issue around with you!
  • Cover illustration: Mali Fischer
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